"Armstrong Volleyball Boosters" Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help support our coaches and players and plan fundraising opportunities

to raise funds for the development and success of the Armstrong High School Volleyball program."

We are a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization, established in 2015.

All donations are welcome and appreciated.

Tax ID # is: 41-1886793 

Next Booster Club Meeting Agenda: Sunday June 13

Booster Club Meeting​ Notes - 

Meeting Date: Sunday, March 14th 2021 7:00 pm

Location: Join Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting:  https://zoom.us/j/3899864300

Meeting ID: 389 986 4300

Attendees: Susan Dailey, Nicole Lee, Angie Fondow, Kelly Kuebelbeck, Becky Alhmstrom, Alex and Danielle Ferguson, Collen Nightengale, Kim Loughhry-Peterson, Janet Tuchtenhagen, Patty Jirik, Jen Durant,



  1. Greeting and introductions

  2. Guests:

  3. Approval of prior meeting minutes: Nov 2020

  4. Election or re-election of 2021-2022 board-

    • Website/ social media- maintains website updates and drives social media posts (game day alerts, call outs, etc.)

    • social media- Kelly Kuelbeck (also willing to help)

    • Special Projects- organizes theme nights (Senior night, parents’ night, Banquet with rest of board) Angela Fondow

    • sign up Genius- sets up sign up Genius for open gyms, concessions, volunteer events Nicole Lee

    • Concessions- responsible for sourcing and managing concession stand effort, set up, staffing, etc. Danielle Ferguson

    • Secretary – responsible for taking minutes at all meetings, organizing any needed printed materials, working with board to create and send update emails  Susan Dailey

    • Treasurer- responsible for the budgeting for the program, tracking of income and expenses, creating of annual reports, taxes Rebeca Ahlmsted

    • Fundraising- helps organize and communicate fundraising programs, Maple Grove Triathlon, request to local businesses for donations

    • Vice President- responsible for planning of banquet, assisting and learning President’s role, actively assist in fundraising organization

    • President- responsible for running board meetings, contact point for AHS coach and athletic director, runs parent meeting, oversees insurance filings, actively communicates to membership, manages apparel store/ uniform purchase/practice t-shirt order and distribution, organize summer tournament opportunities, etc.

    • Volunteers to oversee:

      1. Subway pick up- Nicole Lee

      2. Game day streaming (if needed)

      3. Taking photos of teams

  5. Coaches update

    • Coach Vogel not returning, the search is on for a new coach. Hoping to start interview process within the next 1.5-2 months.

    • Steph (JV Coach) is expecting, so not sure her timetable on return

  6. President update- Carrie Mattila

    • Schedule 2021-22- Larry Tate working on summer and next year’s schedule. Open gyms to start in June – M/W evenings and Friday mornings.

      • Open gyms

      • captains

    • Taxes- Taxes to be submitted soon, maintain nonprofit status

    • Freshman tournament- Freshman tournament 3 rd Saturday in September. The only rental cost will be the community gym.

    • Summer breakdown

      • Have not heard information about it yet

      • Usually in late July – Varsity/JV players – 2 teams x $150/team

    • Summer Camp- coach pending, maybe Christine D, would donate her time, Larry to reserve gym space

    • Misc:

      • Captains need to remove the speaker from the closet in gym.

  7. Social media/ Special Events update- Jen Durant

    • Facebook: Armstrong Falcons Volleyball

    • Instagram: Armstrong.volleyball

  8. Status of 2020 budget- Becky Almstrom

    • Year-end review: $1,600 profit at end of last season

    • Letter writing campaign generated $2,000

    • Outstanding bills- none

    • 2021 budget considerations

    • Questions?

  9. Fundraising update- Janet Tuchtenhagen

    • Reminder to set up: Smile.Amazon account

    • Maple Grove Triathlon- August 21st, looking program to provide 20-30 volunteers

    • Thoughts for 2021?

      • Impact fundraising if we can canvas in the neighborhood

      • Volleyball pins- AHS logo volleyball for friends/family supporters

  10. Secretary update: Susan Dailey​​ no update

  11. Concessions update- Alex and Danielle Ferguson

    • No Concessions in 2020​

    • Need direction from AD on spectator plans for 2021

  12. Special Events:

    • Off season ideas?

    • Other options- links on website under resources

  13. Other topics as needed 

    • Summer opportunities – Caniata Beach Volleyball league in Otsego, registration in April; MN

    • Select possible sand league at Maple Tavern, Crossfire offers open gym

    •  Athena award to Rylie Frye (Congrats!) – based on athletic/academic performance and

    • community involvement. Scholarship $$. Application due at end of season.

    •  Jen/Carrie to pass on throw-out T’s to another captain parent

Wrap at 7:50 pm

Prior meeting notes (click on meeting date)March 2020    June 2020  July 2020   September2020  Nov 2020



Please view community sponsor request form here

Checks can be written to: "Armstrong Volleyball Boosters". 

Contact the Booster Club at the email: armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com 

on how to donate and where to send your check.


President                              Angela Fondow
Vice President                      
Secretary                              Susan Dailey
Treasurer                              Rebecca Almstrom (Returning)

Concessions                         Alex and Danielle Ferguson

Website                                 Janet Tuchtenhagen

Fundraising                          Janet Tuchtenhagen

Special Projects                   Open

Sign up Genius/Subway     Nicole Lee

Social Media                         Kelly Kubelbeck

Questions can be directed to our board at our email address: armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com

If you want to speak to someone individually, just email us and we will follow-up with you!



The "Armstrong Volleyball Boosters" Club encourages volunteer participation from both players and parents.

Returning and new Varsity player parents are expected to take an active role in the Booster Club.  

The success of our program depends on parental involvement from our players' parents at all team levels.  Please contact 

armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com regarding your questions and to express your interest in volunteering.