"Armstrong Volleyball Boosters" Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help support our coaches and players and plan fundraising opportunities

to raise funds for the development and success of the Armstrong High School Volleyball program."

We are a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization, established in 2015.

All donations are welcome and appreciated.

Tax ID # is: 41-1886793 

Booster Club Meeting​ - 

What: Armstrong Volleyball Booster club meeting for parents of the program
When: Friday March 6th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Bylerly's in Golden Valley (5725 Duluth St, Golden Valley, MN 55422)

Agenda:: agenda

  1. Greeting and introductions

  2. Guest: Alex from Impact Fundraising

  3. Approval of prior meeting minutes

  4. Open positions- 

    1. Secretary​

    2. Website

    3. Fundraising

    4. Vice President

  5. Coaches update (if available to attend)

  6. President update

    1. taxes

    2. Freshman Tournament dates Sat Oct 2rd, 2020

    3. Summer schedule

    4. Next year budget (initial view)

    5. Breakdown

  7. Treasurer update

    1. Status of 2019 budget

    2. Account balance

    3. Outstanding bills

  8. Fundraising/ Secretary update

    1. Fundraising update

    2. Sponsors-​ How do we do a better job with this off season and next year?

    3. Fundraising ideas:

      1. Chipotle night

      2. Krispy Crème (BP robotics just did)

  9. Concessions update

  10. Special Events date:

    1. Off season ideas?

    2. Caniata Beach Volleyball

  11. Other topics as needed 

Future meeting dates: Sunday TBD,at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Prior meeting notes (click on meeting date)November 2019   May 2019   March 2020        



Checks can be written to: "Armstrong Volleyball Boosters". 

Contact the Booster Club at the email: armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com 

on how to donate and where to send your check.


President              Carrie Mattila
Vice President     
Treasurer              Rebecca Almstrom

Concessions         Alex and Danelle Ferguson


Special Projects    Jen Durant

Sign up Genius/Subway Nicole Lee

Questions can be directed to our board at our email address: armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com

If you want to speak to someone individually, just email us and we will follow-up with you!



The "Armstrong Volleyball Boosters" Club encourages volunteer participation from both players and parents.

Returning and new Varsity player parents are expected to take an active role in the Booster Club.  

The success of our program depends on parental involvement from our players' parents at all team levels.  Please contact 

armstrongfalconvolleyball@gmail.com regarding your questions and to express your interest in volunteering.

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