2020 AHS Volleyball Fundraising:

Fundraising is critical to the programs ability to support our high school volleyball program. Fundraising is used to cover program expenses like: coaching for B squad and freshman teams, jerseys, equipment, tournament dues, practice t-shirts, players end of season banquet, Senior night, and much more.  The Booster club works to fund these needs through booster dues, Freshman tournament, and through fundraising.  Below are the details for this years program:

  • Order window:

    • Players are able to sell discount cards and collect money or promote sales on the website beginning 9/14/20

    • If cards are sold in person, payment needs to be collected

    • Checks should be made out to: Armstrong Volleyball Boosters​

    • if sold online, payment will be collected through the site

    • Players will receive 10 cards to sell in person (more can be requested). If cards are not sold, they need to be returned on the last day of sales to the captains or coaches.



  • Can people pay with a check?  yes- we can accept checks for payment. Please have checks made out to Armstrong Volleyball Boosters.  Checks need to have: name, address, and check number printed on them.  If there is no phone number listed, please request one be added.

  • When are do cards and collected money need to be turned in?: Both unsold cards and money for sold cards should be turned in on TBD. 

  • When will on-line sales be sent to customers?  Orders will be processed weekly and sent to customers. They should expect to see them in about a week.

  • What is the goal for each player? The goal is a net proceed to the program from each player of $150.  Each card is worth $10 to the program.

Discount Card.JPG