AHS Volleyball Fundraising:

Fundraising is critical to the programs ability to support our high school volleyball program. Fundraising is used to cover program expenses like: coaching for B squad and freshman teams, jerseys, equipment, tournament dues, practice t-shirts, players end of season banquet, Senior night, and much more.  The Booster club works to fund these needs through booster dues, Freshman tournament, and through fundraising.  Below are the details for this years program:

  • Order window:

    • Players are able to get orders and money from 8/19/19 through turn in date on Monday Sept 9th.​

    • Checks should be made out to: Armstrong Volleyball Boosters​

    • Orders are currently expected to deliver and be available for pickup on Wednesday September 25th




  • Can people pay with a check?  yes- we can accept checks for payment. Please have checks made out to Armstrong Volleyball Boosters.  Checks need to have: name, address, and check number printed on them.  If there is no phone number listed, please request one be added.

  • On cups, how do I designate which logo?  all cups will bring with the Armstrong A logo unless it is notated on the order.  Please put the qty and then letters VB in the order box for the type of cup/ mug the customer wants.  If they want 2 30 oz customer black mugs, one with the Falcon A and one with the volleyball, please list the order on two lines so you can indicate under item 428 one with a quantity for the Armstrong logo and one with the 1VB  for the mug with the volleyball logo. 

  • When are order forms and money due?: Both order forms and payments for items should be turned in on Monday Sept 9th. 

  • If i don't fill the tumbler form in right, is there a default order?  Yes, the default order will be the 30 oz cup with the Falcon logo.

  • When will items be in?  Items are expected to deliver on Weds Sept 25th.  They will be available for players (or families) to pick up before or after practice.  We will confirm the date and times as we get confirmation they are in route to us.

  • What is the goal for each player? The goal is a net proceed to the program from each player of $150.  This can come from a combination of the product offers.  If it helps this is how much each unit sold is worth to the program: $7 per beef stick order or cookie dough unit and $10 for each tumbler sold.

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